A Statue with a Difference…

21 October 2009 - 11:07pm Comments Off

Look familiar? Feel like you’ve seen this face somewhere before?

Auspiciously in time for the opening of the new Ladrang, today we got spectacular news that Rinpoche’s previous life statue had arrived! With the help of volunteers and workers, the statue was unloaded onto the ground floor of Kechara Media and Publications, whose members quickly dashed to get photos of such an auspicious occasion, and so holy a statue.

Liaison Paul Yap (Head of Kechara Discovery) has been working hard to bring this statue to Malaysia and now it’s finally here, words can’t do this statue justice…so we’ll our pictures do the talking!

Workers moving Rinpoche's previous life statue into the ground floor of KMP. Even without his features painted on, Rinpoche's previous life statue already peers into the very depths of your mind, inspiring waves of spirituality

Standing: Phng Li Kim (CEO of KMP), Liaison Paul Yap (Head of Kechara Discovery), Liaison Tan Sio Chian, Associate Liaison Kok Yek Yee, Justin Ripley Crouching: Liaison Susan Lim, Fang Chang

Kumar painting the facial features of Rinpoche's previous life statue


Liaison JP Thong offering a khata, milk and flowers on behalf of all Liaisons, HODs and the Kechara organisation

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