A mother’s love

6 September 2010 - 9:09pm 2 Comments

What’s that people say about a mother’s love knowing no bounds? Well, from these pictures, it is clear to see that a mother’s love definitely knows no species.

These pictures also show us yet another thing humans and animals have in common – the capacity to love and protect one another. They show animals have feelings too…and if animals are capable of feeling and loving, are they not capable of feeling pain and suffering? With this knowledge, how can we continue to hurt and eat them?

Think about it, and go vegetarian today!

2 Responses to A mother’s love

  1. damn that mean dog… oh wait I think I missed the point lol… Well I’m glad that mother’s instincts were strong in both incidents.

  2. We are all the same really, just come in different forms.
    The dog with the squirel doesn’t look like he’ll miss not having a meal!
    I hope the little monkey hadn’t been half squished on the road, doesn’t look too good :-(