A Liberating Update

6 May 2010 - 12:59pm Comments Off

Another month, another liberation event, this time involving 42 men, women and children who gathered at the Kepong Metropolitan Park at 10am. This was a Sunday with a difference, for the group liberating another 100kg of catfish saved directly from the wholesalers.

James Long initiated the activity with prayers (Refuge Prayer and Shantideva’s Dedication Prayer) before the fish were released into the lake. Fish food was distributed to the participants, who recited Medicine Buddha’s mantra and the Long Life Mantra of His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche. These were blown onto the fish food before it was scattered across the lake.

To cap off the excitement generated by seeing hundreds of catfish flip-flopping into the waters, everyone recited dedication prayers for the long life of our Guru and the manifestation of Kechara Animal Sanctuary.

When Keith Kong received the e-newsletter last week, he read about this event and it inspired him so much that he wrote to us. Expressing his wish to sponsor this activity, he said he wanted to be a part of the event even though he lives so far away. Nicholas Yu has made arrangements so that sponsorship can be received via PayPal so if you are abroad but still wish to participate in this event…you can! For further information on how you can do this, please contact Nicholas at +6016 209 0541 or [email protected].

Some Pictures from the Event!

Flapping for freedom

James (far right) leads the recitation of refuge and Shantideva's prayers

Nearly there...nearly there...

Wheee!!! Freedom!

More join their brothers and sisters in freedom

The freed fish are fed

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