Setrap Saved Shen

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Keng Nam and Lily Tan are students of His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche who reside in London. Their oldest son Shen, recently went through some difficult times with his studies and sought for help in Lord Setrap. Here, Lily and Shen recount their experiences.

A Son’s Perspective

At the beginning of the year, I applied for Art foundation courses at various universities. I wanted to study at Loughborough University which was my first choice. However at the beginning of February, I received a number of rejection letters. The Loughborough rejection had a bigger impact on me than the others as I had set my heart on going there. The combination of these rejections and the possibility that I would not have a place to study next year made me feel quite “depressed”. all the time.

I developed an attitude where I didn’t do much as I couldn’t motivate myself to work harder for the next portfolio review. I couldn’t see any point in doing so. This negative attitude was beginning to affect my school work. I felt very sad inside but no matter how I tried to hide my disappointment, I didn’t do a good job of it. As much as I tried not to show it, the people around me could see that I wasn’t my usual self.

I tried hard not to feel ‘down’, and ‘drowned’ myself some evenings watching TV or playing computer games. However, the moment I stopped doing these, the sad feelings returned. I was also very angry and I went to sleep with the anger inside me, and when I woke up the next morning, I was in pretty much the same mood that I had been in the night before. When I tried to question myself, I couldn’t find a reason for this anger.

My family were helpful throughout this period in trying to find ways in which I could improve on my art portfolio as well as trying to cheer me up. My parents asked Rinpoche for advice. I had to do 500 rounds of Black Tea offerings and 50,000 rounds of Lord Setrap mantras, and continue to apply to other colleges.

Soon after I started doing the prayers, a series of events occurred which, on the surface, may seem to be coincidences but I didn’t think so. Two days into the prayers, I injured my leg and I couldn’t walk properly for the next two weeks. I chose to see this as a “purification”. As a result of this injury, I was unable to attend my friend’s 18th birthday. It was on that day that a close family friend came to visit, and they helped me with my portfolio which was to be reviewed the next day. I am now on the waiting list for that university.

I have also applied to a local college that my art teacher had recommended. I was invited for an interview and have subsequently been offered a place. On both occasions, I did black tea before attending and I went with a positive attitude.

Rinpoche’s advice to continue applying for different places definitely helped because at that low point, I would not have bothered. After his advice, I felt that more people were coming into the picture to help with my work. Even though I have a firm offer, I will continue to do my Black Tea offering as advised by Rinpoche, because further obstacles may still arise. This is the first time I have experienced any feelings of rejection but I will know how to handle it better on my next encounter, with the knowledge that Rinpoche and Lord Setrap are always beside me.


A Mother’s Perspective

Like any parents, Keng Nam and I are fraught with anxieties with the impending move of our eldest son, Shen, from secondary school to higher education. Due to the economic downturn and massive cuts in universities spending, competition is rife as more students choose to continue their studies rather than enter the workplace.

Shen submitted his university applications at the end of 2009 and after receiving three rejections for out of four applications, you can imagine how we felt. “Will Shen ever get an offer? Is his Art portfolio not of the standard required?” His confidence took a knocking. We had never seen him looking so dejected. In spite of this, Shen did not lose faith and continued to do his daily prayers to Lord Manjushri and milk offerings to Lord Setrap every morning before school.

On a recent trip to Malaysia, Lily, Shen and Keng Nam lent a helping hand to prepare DVDs for free distribution

We sought advice from Rinpoche who very kindly advised that we had to do a number of pujas, and offer three Setrap statues to be dedicated to Shen. Shen himself had to make prayers and do black tea offerings to Lord Setrap to clear obstacles in his path. Strangely, a few days into doing this, he tore his hamstring while playing football and was on crutches for two weeks! Talk about purification!

Rinpoche also advised Shen to continue applying to other colleges and universities which he did. He was called for an interview and was subsequently offered a place at one college, and put on the reserve list at another in Oxford.

We feel that when Shen committed to doing his Setrap practice as advised, more help came into the fold. We are absolutely delighted for Shen and very thankful to Rinpoche for his advice, and to Lord Setrap for assisting Shen in his time of need. Shen will continue to propitiate Lord Setrap as he can clearly sense the power of his prayers and black tea offerings.

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