The Miracles of Tsem Rinpoche I

13 July 2012 - 8:09am Comments Off

This is a story shared by H.E.Tsem Rinpoche‘s personal assistant Loh Seng Piow.

When Liaison Ooi Beng Kooi was requesting this divination from H.E.Tsem Rinpoche, I was massaging Rinpoche’s neck and shoulder from behind, and Rinpoche went into contemplation for a while and gave the advice of what pujas and mantras to be done for the baby, without even asking for his divination dice or asking me to stop massaging for a moment.

When Rinpoche uses dice to do divination in front of people, it is just to show humility, Rinpoche does not need any aiding device to tell us the divination, nor will surrounding disturbances affect His clairvoyant ability in any way.

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