Lost Without Setrap

8 April 2010 - 3:18am Comments Off

Michael Lim had just landed a big IT contract when things started to go very wrong. Without Setrap’s help, Michael believes that the situation would not have ended as amicably as it did…and all he needed to do was have faith…

I‘m really very, very, very grateful and still reeling from amazement as to what happened… and what’s going on (in a good way)… and everything happened so fast this morning. Please forgive me if I seem to be rambling… I’m just too amazed to be coherent at the moment.

To cut a long story short, my company recently landed a rather “big” IT infrastructure project in terms of prestige by association (the contract value’s not bad though!). Things were okay until last week when their server suddenly went down, and their current vendor began blaming us for having done irreparable damage… even before we started their project! It’s an understatement to say that the client was upset! We even wondered if it was some sabotage work from a jealous competitor who was not happy about our company having landed the contract.

Fast forward… I received a call from the client yesterday, demanding an urgent meeting this morning to “clarify” things (but it seemed more like he wanted to trash things out from his tone of voice!). Needless to say, my entire day was “ruined” and I slept very little as I was preoccupied with the worst-case scenarios playing repeatedly in my mind… I had wanted to do a quick Setrap puja at home but was unable to at the time.

I woke up the next day with a heavy heart. Imagine – we hadn’t even kickstarted the project and already we had gotten off the wrong foot. What if the client were to demand for considerable monetary compensation?

I wasn’t able to join the meeting my client called for as I had some other urgent stuff at work to attend to. Only my business partner George attended the meeting along with a couple of other engineers. It didn’t help to alleviate my worries as George is very hot-tempered, and he hadn’t taken well to the accusations from the other party.

Knowing all this, I did a very quick Setrap puja in the office, made possible thanks to Roland Yap (from the Singapore group) who previously emailed me the guide to a short Setrap puja and told me that I could offer Setrap my favourite drink (which is either kopi-o, beer or wine). Not to raise any eyebrows, I simply offered a cup of kopi-o and recited the quick prayer saved on my laptop while pretending to be hard at work.

All I prayed for was for George to not lose his temper and for the issue to be resolved amicably. I really wasn’t interested in nailing the so-called guilty party but rather I just wanted to move on, and start on the project as soon as possible.

Just when I was so lost… I had no choice but to surrender my worries and problems to Setrap. I quietly prayed to Setrap telling him that I know I haven’t been a good Dharma practitioner but let me learn from this incident to be a better person. I didn’t wish to point fingers and blame others; I just wished for the matter to be resolved for the benefit for all parties involved (the client, the other vendor and our company).

George called me later and reported that the meeting went well. To my surprise, the client had also agreed that really we should all just move forward and start finding appropriate solutions to address the issue instead of blaming any party.

Some might say that it’s coincidence or serendipity… I say it’s Lord Setrap. Thank you Lord Setrap; I know I haven’t always been there for you, for Buddha, for Dharma, for the Triple Gem. In spite of the countless number of times I’ve thrown my spoilt-brat temper and simply walked away from Dharma, you’re always like a loving Father, always there for me, never giving up on me. I can only say thank you, thank you, thank you. And thank you Tsem Rinpoche. I used to be so misguided and totally misunderstood Lord Setrap to be some worldly Dharma protector. It was only through your teachings on YouTube that I realised how terribly wrong I was. Once again, thank you – Tsem Rinpoche and Lord Setrap.

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