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Thanks to Setrap, Roland was able to rejoin the gainfully employed

It was a shocking turn of events that Roland had not expected. On June 2006, he decided to take a three-month break from his company… only to find himself out of a job before the break was over, when his company was sold to another.

For one year and despite his best efforts, Roland was unable to find a job. Feeling slightly dejected, he visited Kechara Paradise in Lot 10 (now relocated to Sunway Pyramid) to shop for an item. Speaking to the kind volunteer there, Roland told them about his being unemployed for the last year. She recommended that he attend Setrap puja to ask for help. Filled with faith, on that same night, Roland went to Kechara House 1 to attend the Monday night Setrap puja.

Before the puja began, Roland stood in front of Setrap and asked him for help. He then made three prostrations and joined the puja where he was given the chance to personally offer black tea. Roland seized the opportunity, remembering Uncle Eddie’s words to think of everyone else who was suffering, and not just himself.

The following day, Roland returned to Singapore, wondering whether the puja had had any effect. He did not have to wait long – on Wednesday night, Roland met with an ex-colleague and during their conversation, his friend offered to help him. Wednesday rolled into Thursday, when Roland received a phone call asking him to attend an interview and by Friday, Roland’s year-long unemployment finally ended with a one-month contract!

Full of gratitude, Roland rushed back to Kuala Lumpur that Saturday to make a thank-you offering to Setrap. Since he first came into contact with Setrap, Roland says he has learned that Setrap is renowned for swiftly removing obstacles…and he knows from experience just how quickly that can happen when one’s request is sincere! He also knows just how thorough Setrap’s help can be – the same week he was offered the month-long contract, Roland was also made two other job offers, one from a friend working in an insurance company and another from a job agency who spotted his resume on a job search website.

Aside from Setrap, Roland believes he has one more enlightened Being to thank, His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche. Before Roland set foot in Kechara Paradise, Rinpoche had requested that Roland make use of his IT skills to create a Lama Tsongkhapa resources website and upload Prayer for the Flourishing of Je Tsongkhapa’s Teachings. He believes that without this work, and without Rinpoche’s advice, he would not have accumulated the merits necessary for Setrap to help him. In Roland’s words, it was through Rinpoche’s blessings that he had the opportunity to createmerit.

Roland has never stopped being grateful to Setrap and Rinpoche for their help, not just for the job itself but also helping him to regain his confidence after a one-year low. He believes Setrap and Rinpoche’s blessings are always with him, protecting him like a wrathful father protects his child.

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