Baby Jamyang saved!

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It was during her 7th month of pregnancy that Joanna Tan requested H.E. Tsem Rinpoche to bless her baby with a name. Within a week, Rinpoche’s Personal Assistant advised Joanna to name her baby Jamyang, which means beauty, elegance and wisdom.

Two weeks before baby Jamyang was born, Tsem Rinpoche also gifted Joanna with a statue of Buddha Manjushri, with specific instructions to place the statue near the baby to blessed him.

After consulting with Kechara’s Pastors, Joanna also arranged for some pujas to be done for a smooth and safe delivery, namely Setrap Puja, and Medicine Buddha Puja. It was her first pregnancy, so both Joanna and her husband wanted the ensure the best possible circumstances during labour.

In the morning of 17 November 2013, Joanna suddenly experienced sharp pains and her water broke, alarmingly with traces of blood. She was immediately admitted into the hospital for emergency checkup and delivery. Joanna was in pain throughout the night and continuously recited Dharmapala Setrap’s mantra and prayed to Rinpoche for a smooth and safe delivery for both mother and child. Outside the delivery room, Joanna’s family members also recited Setrap’s mantra non-stop, seeking his blessings and protection while Kechara’s Puja House Team performed an emergency Setrap Puja for both Joanna and her baby.

Finally at 11.50pm, Joanna collapsed with an asthma attack and the doctors decided to perform an emergency cesarean. As the doctor prepared to make the first incision, the baby’s head miraculously started to emerge and shortly after, baby Jamyang was born. Worryingly, his body was turned purplish due to the long labour but thanks to the blessings of the Guru and Three Jewels, he recovered very quickly.

Rinpoche also advised that baby Jamyang must be given a baby baptismal immediately after his full moon. Due to her busy schedule however, Joanna could not find the time to bring Jamyang to Kechara House for the ceremony. Three months later, Jamyang started having breathing difficulties and a medical checkup revealed that he had contracted a bacterial infection in his lungs and stomach.

Tsem Rinpoche immediately advised for emergency pujas to be performed in Kechara’s Puja House. Two days later, Jamyang’s condition had improved and he is now well on the way to recovery.

From the moment of his delivery, baby Jamyang’s life has been saved twice over by the kindness and blessings of Tsem Rinpoche and the power of puja. His parents are immensely grateful to Rinpoche, Lord Setrap, Kechara’s Pastors as well as the puja team members who performed the emergency prayers in their hour of need.

Left: Jamyang receives blessings in front of Rinpoche's throne. Right: Joanna's brother, Jimmy, is a chef in Kechara Oasis

Jimmy with his dharma brother and sisters

Poor baby Jamyang in the hospital being treated for breathing difficulties

Candle offerings at Kechara Forest Retreat for baby Jamyang while he was hospitalised.

Baby Jamyang with his parents, grandmother and Pastor Yek Yee, who performed the baby baptismal

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