Setrap – The History, Lineage and Practice

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In conjunction with the Setrap retreat that is currently underway at Kechara House, JJ Chong, a student of Tsem Rinpoche, gives this concise, clear teaching about Lord Setrap’s lineage, history, practice and benefits. A must watch for all who are interested to collect merits for the manifestation of KWPC, and or simply just to learn more about the Dharmapala Setrap Chen.

Below is an extract from Tsem Rinpoche blog about this video:

I was also very happy that my student JJ Chong gave his first Dharma teaching on Setrap’s lineage, history, practice and benefits.

JJ is 26 and he has been with me for a number of years now. He has very strong Dharma imprints and I am very glad that he is starting to mature and turn into a beneficial person. He works in the Tsem Ladrang Dept and has many duties which he tries his best to carry out. Smart, quick, sensitive, loves the dharma, and has huge potential is how I see JJ.

I am again very happy that Jj’s sincerely and from his heart gave this talk which was very good I am told.

Please do listen and drop a comment to encourage and bless this aspiring dharma teacher. The more teachers that teach from the heart, the better.

JJ loves his mother and sister so much. His dad passed away when he was very young. He is very close to his mother and sister. He cares for them very much and has tremendous affection for them. He dedicates his merits towards them when he does special dharma work I know. He wants them to be ok always. He cares about his best friend Joshua also. I know he dedicates merits to Joshua and family. I am happy to see this in young people. To remember kindness and repay kindness is a trait JJ has and I encourage.

I offer my prayers and sincerest good wishes that JJ in the future may be able to benefit many people through holding vow, correct conduct, sincere motivation, following the Lam Rim and finally blessed by Lord Tsongkapa to change the lives of many for the better through skilful actions/speech and Dharma.

Tsem Rinpoche

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