World’s Largest Lama Tsongkhapa!

26 October 2009 - 11:02pm Comments Off

Check this out!
The world’s LARGEST indoor bronze Lama Tsongkhapa statue!

Standing at 31.22m, the height of the chapel surrounding and protecting the statue is 35.32m. Awarded by the Guinness Book of World Records to Gonsa Monastery in China’s Qinghai Province, the statue was completed in 2000 after only 16 months of construction! That’s right, they began building the statue and chapel in May 1999 and by the following year, it was done!

May the merits generated by statues like these (and those of all other sizes!), create the causes for our very own amazing statue to be erected at Tsem Kachö Ling! May Lama Tsongkhapa’s teachings and practices, and the benefits they bring, spread into the ten directions, touching and changing many lives!

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