A Clear Sign

1 April 2010 - 9:38am Comments Off

Kechara’s exponential growth MUSHROOMS to the next level…quite literally.

After a wonderful Dharma teaching and sharing about Kechara World Peace Centre (KWPC) from His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche at Kechara House (KH), a very clear sign was shown back in Tsem Ladrang. It indicates that all we have wished for and talked about this evening will come true!

A mushroom literally grew overnight (or less – within just a few hours) in one of the plant pots on the balcony of Rinpoche’s bedroom. Mushrooms are identified as being a very powerful symbol of growth and considered an especially auspicious sign when they grow near a Lama’s residence, signifying the flourishing of the Lama’s works and goals.

A few of us had the great honour to be invited to see the magic mushroom just minutes after it was spotted, in the wee hours of the morning. We then had a brief audience with Rinpoche, who explained the significance of this sign.

In Rinpoche’s own words, “When I saw how many people were there in KH for the Dzambala puja (via the webcam), I was inspired to give a talk to everyone about KWPC. Earlier, a day or so ago, I had also already conceived that I wanted to do some retreats but I hadn’t crystallised or finalised anything yet.

“Seeing everybody there made me feel very inspired and I wanted to finalise the details of the retreats and just do it. I had a feeling that everybody would be very receptive to the pujas so I decided to go and talk.

“On the way to the talk, I made a prayer out loud to our Dharma Protector, Setrap. I said, ‘I’m going to go there to give a talk about KWPC and you know all the obstacles, problems and difficulties we’ve encountered. I want you to do your job, to continue to give miracles, help or assistance to people through your holy image in KH, to bring people into Dharma by showing different clear signs of your presence.’

“I usually make prayers on my way to KH before I give a talk and tonight was very special. The talk on KWPC itself was nice because it flowed very well, I said all that I wanted to say and gave all the examples that I wanted to give; I was able to talk about everything I had conceived in my mind and nothing was forgotten. I felt very good and I felt that it was time to talk.”

Rinpoche left KH immediately after the talk, returning to the Ladrang. Normally, Rinpoche does not walk out on to his balcony but at about 6am, his personal attendant Monlam noticed that there was a mushroom growing in one of the plant pots.

“I usually don’t go to the balcony but Monlam came to tell me that there was a mushroom. He even took a picture and showed it to me. I was quite surprised because it’s quite a bright, light, straight, very apparent mushroom. Then Loh Seng Piow (another of Rinpoche’s liaisons and personal attendants) added that when we came back from the teachings, the mushroom was straight, there was no cap on it yet. It opened just now.

“It was not there this morning or afternoon, and the assistants had been watering the plants and cleaning the balcony earlier in the day. Monlam saw it had opened just a few minutes ago, so it literally opened between the time we came back from the Dharma talk and now – within about three to four hours.”

This follows an auspicious incident just over two weeks ago when a plant sprouted on Rinpoche’s statue of his root Guru, His Holiness Kyabje Zong Rinpoche. It was advised by three eminent Lamas that this was a very auspicious sign of KH receiving the resources that we will need to grow.

These Lamas also reminded us that a mushroom specially grew in the 13th Dalai Lama’s residence on the pillar of his audience room.

“I read that in his biography,” shared Rinpoche. “A mushroom grew and they didn’t remove or peel it off although it was on the audience room pillar because it was considered growth. It was considered auspicious and a very powerful sign of growth. The old monks have already said that if a mushroom grows on Zong Rinpoche’s statue, it would be a very wonderful sign. It didn’t grow on the statue but it grew on my plant pot and it’s on my residence.

“We have pots and grass all over the house and we water it all – mushrooms need a lot of water and moisture – and yet, no mushrooms have grown anywhere else as far as we know. But it’s growing here on my balcony.”

Rinpoche recognises this to be, “a very clear sign. My feeling is that it’s a very clear sign from my Dharma Protector in response to my prayers on the way to talk about KWPC at KH.

“I don’t know exactly what it portends but it definitely means that what we’re talking about, visualising and planning for will come true; what I have talked about tonight will come true. Therefore, in order for all this to come true, people, money, friends, help and all that we need will come. It is definite.”

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