Simply Setrap

3 June 2010 - 10:07am Comments Off

In order to clear obstacles for the growth of Kechara House and the renovation of its new gompa, His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche has advised several practices. This includes a Setrap retreat which will start very soon. To explain the often mysterious Dharmapala Setrap practice to the retreat participants, Liaison Sharon Saw gave a brief overview about Dharma Protectors and Setrap. As the author of the book Setrap the Protector, she explained the role of Dharma Protectors, the lineage and history of Setrap, his symbolism, benefits and practice.

Dharma Protectors are literally the protectors of the Dharma – the teachings of Buddha. They help us by clearing our obstacles for our Dharma practice. Setrap is an Enlightened Protector as he is the wrathful emanation of Amitabha Buddha. His practice was brought from India to Tibet by the renowned Tibetan translator, Loden Sherab, about a thousand years ago. Setrap has been the Dharma Protector of the illustrious Gaden Shartse Monastery since its founding 600 years ago and is now the Dharma Protector of Kechara House.

Sharon stressed that Dharma Protector practice is not our main focus, but the Dharma – the teachings of Buddha as taught to us by Rinpoche – is.

There were over 50 attendees to the talk and a lively Question and Answer session followed, showing that there is great interest in Dharma Protector practice. During the Q&A, Kechara House Vice-President Liaison Henry Ooi also added further explanation on Setrap to the audience.

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