My Story: A Sharing of Experiences in Dharma

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Dharma is a word that seems to conjure up a myriad of images in our heads but more often than not, it is a life-long journey. Sometimes along this Dharma path, we get a little distracted or we become disillusioned with circumstances and the people around us. When that happens, it is very beneficial to take a deep breath and just try to recall the very reasons why we got into Dharma in the first place.

This sort of contemplation is not only beneficial for those on the path but also those that are new because it enriches and inspires them to practise the Dharma. Hence, for last week’s Manjushri class, there was a sharing from three very special people – Ng Yew Seng, May Ong and Phng Li Kim. All three of them began their Dharma path around the same time and yet developed a very unique experience and perspective of the Dharma.


Ng Yew Seng

The first speaker, Ng Yew Seng met Kechara through the Kechara Paradise outlet in 1Utama; the sales person there was Albert. He was impressed with his knowledge and the patience with which he answered all his questions. However, nothing really changed for him until he received real care from Liaison Chuah Su Ming and Kechara Media & Publications Associate Liaison Susan Lim. He felt that the Buddhist teachings were exemplified by the care of the liaisons.

Ever since then, he has been taking on more Dharma work by committing to voluntary work for the e-Division that is headed by Liaison Ooi Beng Kooi and filming Manjushri class every Sunday. He admitted that sometimes it is hard to do Dharma work because it is for others but he snaps out of it quickly when he remembers the care that he had received.


May Ong

Next was May Ong, who shared that Irene Lim invited her to Kechara House for Wesak Day last year. She was impressed with Irene’s dedication towards His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche. So she started investigating and ended up volunteering. Now, she works full time for Kechara Care. She was also recently elected in as Secretary of the Kechara House Committee. She felt everything moved very fast and began to experience emotional setbacks. However, she recovered quickly after she followed Rinpoche’s advice to contemplate death. She realised how it made her much stronger to face the challenge; suddenly all her problems seemed much smaller and easier to overcome.


Phng Li Kim

Phng Li Kim, the third and final speaker, heard about Rinpoche through her mum, Datuk May Phng. One thing led to another and before she knew it, she was involved in Dharma work, initially through a promotional campaign for the organisation and then as CEO of Kechara Media & Publications. Along the way, she learnt the Dharma through the experience of benefiting others and noticed how calm and contented she had become. She took the leap of faith and entered Dharma full time although she barely had any Dharma knowledge because she trusted her mother – she saw how enthusiastic and dedicated her mother was towards the Dharma. She was thus determined to fulfill whatever she had promised as she respects and loves her mother very much.

Those were three unique experiences that serve as a wonderful inspiration for all who are on the Dharma path and for those who are contemplating to embark on a very fulfilling Dharma journey.

View the three heart-warming sharings online on and we hope to see you in and around Kechara soon too!

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