Ten steps to happiness (Part 3)

27 April 2011 - 4:21pm Comments Off

Whenever we feel super happy, remember death.


Buddha taught the Middle Way philosophy to protect us from falling into extremes. The trials and tribulations of living need not be so unbearable if we have balance in our lives. When we are happy we should not go overboard with our feelings and emotions. The greater the pleasure, the greater will be our disappointment when it ends.

The real danger is when we develop attachment to sense pleasures. The more time we indulge in such experiences, the stronger will be our attachment. Eventually, even the thought of being away from the objects we desire becomes our constant fear and nightmare. This is because we forget about eventual death, or we are in denial of death.

We need to be mindful that although death is certain, the time of death is uncertain. Death can be just a breath away. If we have not trained our mind to prepare for such an eventuality, we will die fearful and filled with regrets.

We will die in fear because we have no protection from the dangers of the lower realms of rebirth. We will die regretting we did nothing to ensure our future lives will be happy ones and that we had wasted our entire life chasing after things, chasing after relationships, being preoccupied with our looks, etc., all of which we will have to part with at time of death.

If we factor in the reality of death in our daily lives, we will want to learn methods which we will enable us to have good rebirths. In the process, our lives become more meaningful. Our happiness will be less of a roller-coaster ride; we begin to experience a more stable, higher quality of happiness called inner peace. The Mara of Death can have our body for supper but we can still die with a smile…that would really be super!

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