Ten steps to happiness (Part 1)

4 March 2011 - 12:51pm Comments Off

Whenever we come across something comfortable, run.


Once we become used to living or thinking in a particular pattern, we have established our comfort zone. The problem is with having a comfort zone is that it leads to complacency. Such a feel-good factor prevents us from being adventurous and striving to do more, or prevents us from realising our fullest potential.

Our spiritual path does not end until we are fully enlightened. Until then, it is a constant endeavour of study, contemplation, practice and application. It is like climbing a ladder – once we reach a step, we have to let go in order to ascend to the next. When climbing the ladder, much like our spiritual path, we also do not want to stay at one level for too long so that our momentum will not be lost. Such an attitude makes for a much smoother climb.

Whenever we encounter something pleasant, offer it.


The object of our desires are not really the problem. It is our attachment to them. This afflictive emotion has the ability to exaggerate the desirability or attractiveness of an object beyond what it really is. From initial interest, this energy develops into a powerful force which makes us direct all our attention to the object until we think, “I must possess it”. Once that happens, we have created the recipe for disaster. We will develop hatred against anyone or anything which stands between us and the object of our desire.

Until we have some control of this desirous energy, it makes sense to resist temptations and as a temporary solution, avoid such objects. However, a better way would be to offer it to others, and dedicating it for the benefit of all living beings and our enlightenment. In doing so, we collect vast merits which will help us along our spiritual journey.

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