#6: Karma, part 2 (Be a karmic doctor, not a karmic slave)

11 February 2010 - 4:34am Comments Off

What is the nature of Karma?

Its principles are infallible. This means when an action is performed, there will be definite results. OJ Simpson and those who did bad things and escape the law through loopholes in the system, by deception or who believe they can cover up, are in for a surprise. To be honest so are we.

Mr Karma won’t let them or us get away. Although we can’t prove it, since only a Buddha can see the exact relationship between actions and their effects, we have the authority of the Buddha who declared that non-virtuous actions are causes of states of miseries and virtuous actions will result in happy experiences in this life and future lives.

The moon and the stars may fall to the earth, the earth with all its mountains and dwelling places may disappear, and the space itself may disappear, but it is impossible for Buddha to tell a lie. It is said that Karma follows us like the shadow of our body and we are not Peter Pan who can leave his shadow behind !

We might feel scared about this truth. Well we should if we are doing stupid, harmful things all the time.

Why do we keep repeating actions like lying, taking what is not ours, harbouring hatred, cheating on one’s partners etc, ? We may think our actions are not very harmful, its effects are over quickly and we can get away.  Like a small seed that will grow into a big tree, similarly small negative actions multiply into big destructive forces with time if they are not purified. Even though a negative action has long ceased, the seed that was deposited in our mindstream will ripen in future as further repercussions of that negative action.

There are no loopholes, no place for bribes, speculation, superstition, or whether you choose to believe or not, within the operation of the karmic laws. Therefore it pays to be very mindful of one’s actions and know how to work with Mr. Karma.

Karmic cause and effect is the fairest operation of a natural law one can find in our world system. It is the perfect justice system. Karma ensures one takes personal responsibility for one’s actions without the intervention of any external agency or higher power. By this law, no one is fated to suffer or be in a state of helplessness. No one can take for granted they will forever enjoy wealth and mundane happiness perpectually.

With correct view, everything becomes positive.

We can transform fear of Mr. Karma into a positive determination to stop bad habits. We understand that the good life we are having now is the result of good actions performed in the past. It will encourage us to continue to cultivate good qualities and to engage in good actions to ensure we create more causes for happiness in this life and future lives.

By knowing how to work with karma, we can take control to heal ourselves and to improve our happiness and others’. We stop being slaves to it by our own ignorance.

Thanks to Mr Karma, we can create the right causes to become a Buddha or any kind of being we wish to be! We can avoid actions which are causes of becoming a reptile!

H.E Tsem Rinpoche exhorts that if one has gone through the gateway of the Three Jewels, one is wise to develop conviction and take refuge in Karma. We should learn to love Mr Karma the correct way.

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