#29: The most beautiful mind of all

17 August 2010 - 3:39pm Comments Off

Mirror mirror on the wall; Bodhi mind is the most beautiful of all; Without it, we are ugly to the core!

From our experiences, we know that despite our best intentions, we cannot really do much to benefit others. We may be able to render help in the short term, provide relief, but whatever problems we and others face will keep returning. Even when problems are resolved, our suffering does not always disappear in tandem…just look at doctors who keep treating and their patients becoming regulars! Think about when we give money to the poor and, before we know it, they have become poorer, end up in drug rehab or are robbed.

An unwanted repeat customer!

Once a problem is resolved, new ones come around. Even when there are no external problems, our mind makes up problems – we regret the past, are dissatisfied with the present, and worry about the future. We cannot even feel happy helping others. Why?

For those wanting to do more, they realise their own limitation of resources and skills. They often see their efforts go to waste and at times, even be counter-productive. For those who do very little or don’t do anything to help, they are resigned to a life characterised by miserliness, guilt, fear and narrow vision. For those who are unsure, they are constantly in a state of confusion and struggle with whether to do or not do.

No wonder samsara gives no satisfaction and its pleasures are deceptive!

Even if we somehow can make someone happy in this life, we do not know how to assure they continue enjoying their good fortune in a future life…and there are countless future lives to come!

The dog might look like it doesn't need our prayers, but does it really have the consciousness to understand what it's doing?

We can’t go to the heavens to help gods, or visit ghosts and hell beings to say hello. While we co-exist with animals on the physical plane, their different perception of things makes it difficult for us to communicate with them. Try teaching animals OM MANI PEME HUNG and you will understand what I mean. We cannot help these beings directly if we cannot reach them; all we can do is pray and rely on their own karma. Considering the six realms, helping only humans in this world is a very small fraction of the total number of suffering beings.

We cannot help others very much if we ourselves need help. If we ourselves are still in samsara, we cannot liberate others. If we have not expelled the three poisons from our mindstream, and we are still preoccupied with the eight worldly concerns, we will not be able to help others without bias.

Without seeing the true nature of all things, we will not be able to cherish others and develop unconditional love and compassion.

Does anyone possess the skills and qualities to bestow permanent happiness and freedom from all suffering to all living beings?

Only by possessing genuine compassion, only by becoming a Buddha (the fruit of altruism!) ourselves, can we truly benefit all living beings and become a wish-fulfilling jewel.

The enlightened mind is wondrous because it can read our minds, understand our needs, and it wants and feels our suffering. Only an enlightened Being possesses the complete knowledge and special wisdom necessary to teach us methods to achieving permanent happiness without lasting side effects. This was Buddha’s ultimate intention for all of us when he turned the Wheel of Dharma. All of us can become a Buddha because we all share the same wish and have the same Buddha seed in us.

If you are motivated, start practising NOW to become a Buddha. After all, if not now, when?

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