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As it involves tantric commitment, Tsok is a by-invitation-only puja that is conducted every fortnight to thank our gurus for their kindness and guidance in our Dharma practice. It helps to increase wisdom, memory, compassion and patience. It also helps to dispel negative energy, spells and spirits. Performing Tsok helps to purify negative karma and accumulate merits.

Lama Chopa puja is a bi-weekly event

The Tsok offering is a great feast offered to all enlightened beings and to all non-enlightened beings, including ourselves. Through the power of our motivation, prayer and actions, we transform offered food and flowers into precious substances with the power to bestow blessings of infinite value. This special prayer feast creates merit and honors the Merit Field of Holy Beings. It is one of the most important practices of generosity and is also extremely effective for the accumulation of merit.

Beautiful Torma offering as part of altar setup

At Kechara House, the Tsok offering is usually performed with the Lama Chöpa. Lama Chöpa is a guru yoga of Je Tsongkhapa, written by the First Panchen Lama based on secret oral teachings. This comprehensive practice strengthens our relationship with our Spiritual Guide through offerings, especially offerings of our practice. By practicing this well, all requests for attainment will be fulfilled and all obstacles that have been accumulated in relation to the teacher will be purified.

Sensory offerings for the puja

NOTE: These pujas are by invitation only. Please contact Kechara House at [email protected] or +603 7803 3908 for more information.

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