Medicine Buddha Comes to My Aid Once Again…

7 April 2012 - 1:22am Comments Off

Yesterday morning I received a call from the nurse in my doctor’s clinic. What she said was music to my ears. “Madam, your breath test results are out. It’s negative!”

Those words ended more than a month of anxiety over the state of health of my stomach. In January this year, a blood test showed that my H.Pylori (stomach bacteria in layman’s terms) reading was very high (5 times above the norm). If left alone and untreated, it could become a pre-condition for stomach-related cancer! This piece of information from my doctor caused an immediate reason for anxiety neurosis to click in!

I listened in fearful anticipation as my doctor prescribed a course of special antibiotics to be taken over the next 2 to 3 weeks. A month after I’d completed the course, I was to go to her for a breath test to determine whether the H.Pylori problem was prevailing. My tumultuous thoughts ran along these lines: what if I was tested ‘positive’ again? What if my H. Pylori problem remained full-blown?

In the month while waiting to have the test done, I was having stomach problems almost every day! This didn’t allay my anxiety at all.

Medicine Buddha comes to my aid!

Meanwhile I prayed to Medicine Buddha at the weekly Menlha (Medicine Buddha puja) in Kechara to calm my nerves.

On Monday 27 February I went for my breath test, and the following morning I received the call and the good news. I was cleared of my H.Pylori problem! Yeh!

Looking back I believe that the almost daily stomach aches that I had experienced in the month before I went for the breath test were a form of purification for me.

My anxiety in the month of waiting had stemmed not from doubting the unwavering compassion of the Medicine Buddha but more from the possibility that a negative karma had ripened and had manifested. However from the strong dose of purification I received I realize that not only are Buddhas compassionate, they are also skillful in their way of answering our prayers…

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