Pujas helped me in so many ways

by Jacqueline

7 April 2012 - 1:29am Comments Off

Testimonial #1

Last year a sort of black magic was sent to my home. I believe that because there were statues of Buddhas in the compound, the black magic could not affect the people living in the house. However my 2 dogs were very badly affected; one dog (only 7 years old and was fit & healthy) suddenly collapsed and died.

In the case of the other dog, according to the vet, his diaphragm was torn and his heart had fallen through and was very closing to dying. The vets could not explain how this could have happened to both dogs at the same time.

We requested for Dukkar puja immediately and since then, the dog is recovering well. The energy in the house has too gradually become peaceful and harmonious.

Testimonial # 2

Medicine Buddha’s practice “heals” us of the greatest “illness” of the three poisons – ignorance, attachment and hatred...

A few months ago, I had a dog that became critically ill and the vets had actually told me that he may not survive. I immediately requested for a Medicine Buddha puja to be held and since then my beloved dog has fully recovered as is now fit and healthy.

Testimonial # 3

Dukkar puja is very effective for purifying the karma of being wrongly accused in arguments or legal cases, healing and strengthening the body against physical harm.

My husband (who is an accountant and liquidator) was appointed as an official liquidator for this particular company. However one of the beneficiaries of this company wanted all the assets for himself and did not want my husband to handle the case as this would mean the assets would have to be shared amongst the rest of the beneficiaries.

This particular person started making the job extremely difficult for my husband to perform and there had been legal cases after legal cases. This went on for 14 years! Recently, we started requesting Lady Dukkar to help us, by sponsoring Dukkar pujas before each court case and since then the court cases have been judged much more fairly (in my husband favour) and despite this particular person relentlessness, some of the legal suits he had taken up against my husband had been actually thrown out of the court!

And also thanks to Lady Dukkar’s guidance we have met some wonderful, knowledgeable and honest lawyers who gave us invaluable advice and assistance.

Testimonial #4

Set up for Gyabshi and offerings

We have been requesting Gyabshi puja to be done for my husband on a monthly basis and we are now experiencing the benefits of these pujas. Most obstacles, obstructions and negativities have been removed from the entire family, and we’re happy to say that there’s great progress in my husband’s business. Most importantly our minds are now so much more opened to the receiving and practicing the Dharma.

Testimonial #5

Beautiful Lama Je Tsongkhapa statue with extensive offerings

18 months ago my sister-in-law’s father passed away. The family does not believe in any religion but with their permission we did a Lama Chopa puja for the deceased. Somehow after the puja, my sister-in-law and her mother felt comforted on their loss especially the mother who felt that her husband is now in a better place.

On the 1st death anniversary the whole family came up to KL (they live in Singapore) and requested for another Lama Chopa puja to be held. My sister-in-law told me recently that her mother is now very much at peace with the loss of her husband and had even had some very nice dreams of him.

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