Namgyal Tsechog

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Namgyalma, one of the three supreme Buddhas of Long Life, came into being when Buddha Shakyamuni manifested in her form to help the deva named Susthita avoid a rebirth in the three lower realms.

Likewise, her puja brings us the same benefits. Invoking her healing energy, it is very powerful for bestowing long life, healing illnesses and avoiding premature death through accidents or disasters. It also creates conducive conditions when circumstances arise that interrupt our spiritual practice, and helps us to avoid a rebirth in the three lower realms.


  • Extending one’s life
  • Healing critical illnesses
  • Avoiding premature death through accidents or disasters
  • Creates conducive conditions for spiritual practice
  • Avoids a negative rebirth

Contribute to this puja fund.

For more information, about this puja please contact us at +603 7803 3908 or email [email protected].

Part of the sponsorship for these pujas will go towards the maintenance of Kechara House, for the benefit of all who come to seek solace and peace.


Nyamgal Tsechog

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