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The most popular female Buddha in Tibet, the Goddess Tara arose from the compassionate tears of Avalokiteshvara (Kuan Yin) and made the vow to return always as a female Bodhisattva to help all beings.

The practice has been taught and passed on by monks from Gaden Monastery, together with the preparation of authentic torma (ritual cakes) offerings in the tradition of Gaden. This beautiful prayer is recited almost entirely in Tibetan.

Tara literally means ‘saviouress’ or ‘she who liberates’. As mentioned earlier, she is a female meditational deity who is regarded as the embodiment of all the Buddhas’ enlightened activity.

It was told that the Buddha Vairochana blessed Tara and prophesied to her that at the end of the aeon, in those lands and worlds where pujas, prayers, and rituals of Tara are recited.

As a result of these prayers, the many diseases, troubles, and disturbances caused by evil spirits and by human beings would be pacified and resolved. It is also very beneficial and effective for dharma centers, used in the spread of the teachings of Buddha.

Drawing upon the energies of the gentle female Buddha Tara, this puja swiftly fulfills our wishes. Tara practices are also renowned for generating the energies to invite harmony, success and serenity for all aspects of our lives, especially in relationships, families and spiritual well being.


  • Swift assistance to fulfill wishes
  • Protection from danger
  • Overcomes obstacles, fear and anxiety
  • Excellent for relationships and families
  • Growth of dharma center

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Part of the sponsorship for these pujas will go towards the maintenance of Kechara House, for the benefit of all who come to seek solace and peace.

Drolchok (Mother Tara) – Swift Assistance


Sensory offering and tormas for Drolchok or Tara puja

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