For Consecrating Statues and Altars

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The Sungdrup ritual purifies and blesses holy items such as Buddha images and mantras prior to insertion into, sealing and consecrating a statue. This is then followed by the empowering puja of Rabnye (often likened to a more extensive form of Trusol), which infuses altars and statues with holy energies; this allows them to impart continuous positive energies to their owners.


  • Seals and consecrates holy items
  • Enhanced blessings of holy items

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For more information, about this puja please contact us at +603 7803 3908 or email [email protected].

Part of the sponsorship for these pujas will go towards the maintenance of Kechara House, for the benefit of all who come to seek solace and peace.

Sungdrup / Rabnye - Consecration of Statue or Area

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