Blessing Packages

28 June 2009 - 6:41pm Comments Off

Everyone is welcome to take the opportunity to create merit by sponsoring any of Kechara House’s weekly pujas at any time for any amount. In addition to that, four special blessing packages have been specially created to meet the particular needs of the individual.

By commissioning one of these blessing packages, the merits of the particular weekly puja conducted at the centre will be dedicated to the sponsor’s beneficiary for the specified period of time, thereby accruing a continuous stream of affordable merits over time.

Blessing Package 1

Blessing Package 2

Blessing Package 3

  • Setrap for Students facing examinations
  • RM50 for three months

Blessing Package 4

Members and non-members can also sponsor the Lama Chopa Tsok puja, which is held on a fortnightly basis at Kechara House. Please note that attendance to the Tsok puja is strictly by-invitation-only and sponsorship of the puja does not constitute an invitation to attend it. Please enquire with the Kechara House Administration if you have a particular need.

For more information about these blessing packages, please contact us at +603 7803 3908 or email [email protected].

Part of the sponsorship for these pujas will go towards the maintenance of Kechara House, for the benefit of all who come to seek solace and peace.

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