Pastor Counseling Services

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Do you feel that you deserve more happiness and peace of mind? Is there some worry on your mind that you just can’t shake off?  Are you considering to add spiritual dimension to enrich your life but can’t figure out how to start or access the knowledge and methods to apply in your life?

We are here to hear.

Kechara’s Pastors were selected for their empathy and sensitivity towards others, and for their ability to draw strength from Buddhist philosophies and wisdom to find solutions to problems.

Our counseling sessions aim to help YOU:

  • get in touch with your feelings and motivation, and learning to evaluate these
  • gain a broad understanding of what is ego, selflessness, and sense of self
  • differentiate between love and attachment
  • learn how to use the 4 opponent powers (a purification practice) to overcome obstacles you are facing
  • understand how compassion for others can help to heal yourself

Our counseling methods:

  • Guide you to understand your own mind so that you can handle the different energies and emotions better.
  • Empower you to solve problems yourself by developing your good qualities
  • Educate you on how to purify yourself of negative energies through sincere repentance
  • Help you discover your fullest potential by applying Buddhist knowledge, ethics and meditation
  • Nurture you by providing a conducive spiritual and moral environment for you to connect with via the Pastors, spiritual community and Dharma Centre.

You may be assured that we treat every counseling session with the strictest privacy and confidentiality. To make an appointment for counseling session or if you have any enquirers on this service, feel free to contact Front Desk at +603-7803 3908.

Note: For those with a medical history of mental difficulties, we advise professional medical treatment as the best solution.

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