Children’s Baptismal

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hat would parents be most concerned about for their young child after they are born into the world? We want to love, protect and give the best to our young till they become adults. As parents we always pray and wish that our children will have happiness throughout their lives.

Kechara Pastors conduct children baptismal to bless the minds of the young and to give protection. They perform prayers and rituals specially composed by H.E Tsem Rinpoche to invoke the energy of the second Buddha, Lama Tsongkhapa to prevent negative interferences and increase good qualities.

What are the benefits for my child to attend this Children’s Baptismal?

The benefits and positive implications of this Baptismal for your children and you are numerous, and extend beyond this lifetime. Some of which are:
  • Your child becomes a Buddhist
  • Your child will receive the blessings and be protected by the Three Jewels: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha
  • It plants Dharmic seeds and positive imprints in your child’s mind to become good people in the future

Sounds great! What do I need to do first?

Parents interested in the baptismal ceremony are required to attend a briefing to understand the preparations required and also the prayers. It will also address any questions parents may have regarding the baptismal. This is a pre-requisite for parents as the parents will be guiding the children for some time until the children fully understand the prayers and can do the practice themselves.

The Children Baptismal Briefing Class is conducted by Kechara Pastors. It is normally only open to ordinary members. (Not a member yet? Click here to find out how you can become one.)

On the Ceremony Day…

Children are advised to dress in all white. Parents and children will be directed to a special area allocated to them, where they can sit together in a group. The detailed procedure for the Ceremony will be explained to parents on the day itself.

Making Offerings to the Three Jewels

To mark their official entry into Buddhism, the children will be guided to make offerings to the Three Jewels (Buddha, Dharma and Sangha) right after the Ceremony. The offerings consist of a Lama Tsongkhapa tsa tsa or statue, angpow, candle and a khata which are best to be offered at the altar on the same day.

When Is the Children Baptismal Ceremony Held?

The Children Baptismal Ceremony at Kechara is conducted on auspicious dates such as Wesak Day or Lama Tsongkhapa Day… which only happens once or twice a year! We encourage parents to register their interest as soon as possible, so that we can keep you informed when the next ceremony is scheduled.

Registration fee per child is RM100 (inclusive of a Child prayer book, certificate and a bouquet of flower). Do not miss this opportunity!

For further enquiries or to register your interest, kindly contact Kechara House Front Desk at 03 7803 3908.

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