Pastors and Their Services

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With the blessings of H.E. Tsem Rinpoche and his guidance, our Kechara Pastors are trained to provide the following services and functions for the benefit of the public:

Services Provided

  1. Performing blessing rituals
    a. Baby blessing
    b. Vehicle blessing 
    c. Holy items blessing (including statues, tsa-tsa, Buddha images)
  2. Performing prayer sessions for bereavement or terminally ill cases (for members and their immediate families only)
  3. Giving refuge vows/lay precepts (will be given in the future)
  4. Marriage registration/solemnizing

General Functions

  1. Encourage Kechara members to acquire knowledge through study, and contemplation of dharma and putting it into practice.
  2. Conducting Dharma classes at Kechara House.
  3. Provide supplementary talks when requested by any department or during special events such as Refuge Taking.
  4. Attend to online questions raised by the public via the “Ask the Pastors” section in Rinpoche’s blog.
  5. Provide counseling services by appointment.
  6. Represent Rinpoche/Kechara (when Rinpoche is not attending) to give speech and/or lead prayers for:
    a. Media interviews
    b. Special events/functions including Wesak Day/Retreats/Rinpoche’s birthday and etc
  7. Supervise rituals and ensure proper conduct of puja team members.
  8. Conduct/co-conduct weekly puja sessions at Kechara.
  9. Give talks on pujas for newbies whenever requested by puja heads.
  10. Outreach programs – to organize study programs for college/university Buddhist societies in collaboration with the college/university authorities.
  11. Give support and guidance to Kechara study groups in Shanghai, Ipoh, Kuantan, Johor Bahru.

For further enquiries or to make an appointment with a Kechara Pastor, kindly contact Kechara Front Desk at +603 7803 3908; or email us at

For more information on the Pastors click here.

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