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The Kechara Pastors tradition was first established on 24th October 2011, in conjunction with H.E. Tsem Rinpoche’s birthday. We thank our Spiritual Guide, Tsem Rinpoche for entrusting us with the precious teachings of Lord Buddha through the appointment of Buddhist pastors.

The creation of pastors is not a common practice in the Buddhist tradition. It is a role specially conceptualized by Rinpoche, to preserve the Dharma and make it possible for the Buddha’s teachings to reach many more people in these modern, degenerate times.

Combining the responsibilities of the ordained and the appearance of a layperson, pastors are the connection between the sangha and the everyday practitioner.

They are ordinary people who have taken an extraordinary step in dedicating their lives towards sharing the Buddhist tradition. As laypeople holding vows, pastors will make the Dharma accessible to more people, giving them guidance and sharing knowledge.

In effect, pastors are ordinary people who have made a commitment towards their spirituality, and the spirituality of others.

H.E.Tsem Rinpoche performs the Pastor ordination ceremony

For so sacred a position, Rinpoche personally compiled a set of rituals and prayers for ordination, so that the pastors have an auspicious start to their new roles. The pastor ordination ceremony is based on authentic sources, thus creating a very profound connection between every pastor to the ultimate source.

Through the ordination ceremony, the pastor formally enters the next level of the Buddhist path, opening up the causes for Lord Buddha’s wisdom to be preserved for generations to come. May their endeavours always be fruitful, and their body, speech and mind create waves of merit for limitless sentient beings.

Find out more on why H.E. Tsem Rinpoche developed this unique Buddhist pastorship tradition to cater to the people of our times.

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