Pray for little Gabriel

28 September 2012 - 4:30pm Comments Off

As Gabriel lay in bed unconscious, the plight of this eight year old has moved hearts and tears. Ever since his condition was highlighted on H.E. Tsem Rinpoche’s blog, prayers and support for him and his family have been pouring in.

Gabriel’s mother takes care of him round the clock. His aunt, Ellena, knew a Kechara member and sought spiritual help from her. Pastor Susan was one of the first few who visited the boy in the hospital and performed prayers at his bedside. His mother and aunt were very appreciative of the overwhelming support that Kechara has offered.

Through Rinpoche’s kindness and divination, an Amitayus initiation has been bestowed upon Gabriel. According to Pastor Susan, the significance of the ritual and prayer is not just only to pray for Gabriel’s health but it is also plants seeds of blessings in him. Pastor Susan frequently updates Gabriel’s condition on Rinpoche’s blog and she often spends time with his family, to console and to be there for them.

For the past nine months, Pastor Susan and other pastors diligently performed prayers at Gabriel’s bedside twice weekly. When asked what inspires Pastor Susan while in the hospital with Gabriel, she mentions that she is most touched by the unconditional love Gabriel’s mother and aunt have for Gabriel – the physical care given to him has been exceptional.

As Pastor Susan got to know the family more, she was able to offer them words of comfort and the wisdom of Dharma. Gabriel’s family has since taken an interest in Dharma and has been engaging in charitable works. They made time for animal liberation and pujas. Even Gabriel’s grandmother has found some answers and comfort in Dharma.

Pastor Susan is assured that Dharma will be there for Gabriel and his family and that Dharma will guide this family in times of need.

Gabriel's mother sits with her son daily to clean, massage, talk and keep the boy company.

Top: Rinpoche bestows the Amitayus initiation on Gabriel. Left: Kechara Pastors in maroon and few other students were invited for the empowerment. Right: Rinpoche is offering some advice to Gabriel’s mom

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