Pastors In Action: Peace of Mind

1 October 2012 - 7:52pm Comments Off

The mundane business affairs for the one-day trip to Singapore had to be scrapped, as Joseph Tan, a committed volunteer and team leader at Kechara’s Soup Kitchen received a distress call from his family just as he touched down at Changi Airport.

His father had unexpectedly passed away in the morning. Lost and far away from his family, Joseph immediately called his friend Lew, a Kecharian for spiritual assistance. As Joseph took the next flight back to Kuala Lumpur, Kechara mobilized its Dharma community to answer Joseph’s plea for spiritual support at this time of need.

Kecharian Chua Siong Woan was already there to accompany Joseph’s family at the memorial center in Cheras. The family was distraught.

The first few words Joseph spoke to Pastor Yek Yee was that he missed his father. Pastor Yek Yee assured them that Kechara would be by the family’s side at their time in need. She quickly attended to the rituals for the deceased. Incense was lit for blessings and Pastor Yek Yee solemnly recited sacred prayers for the late father. The family watched in grief but comforted by the pastor’s presence.

As fellow soup kitchen volunteers came to pay their last respects, Kechara did the necessary preparations for the funeral. Kechara House delivered the altar set up and Buddha statue to the memorial center that night while a puja team from the Puja House was enlisted to perform bereavement prayers.

The family requested Kechara to liberate animals on behalf of them. Although such rituals were foreign to Joseph, he placed his faith in Kechara to perform the necessary for his late father. In respect of his father and to assure his mother that the funeral procession would be taken care of, Joseph counted on Kechara to be there for his family.

Pastor Yek Yee had to balance her duty of care and responsibilities well as she coordinated the teams in Kechara and consoled the family at the same time. Joseph’s mother was pleasantly surprised by the support that the family received and she was grateful that Joseph’s volunteering commitment with the Soup Kitchen had paved way for Kechara to step in at this time of need. Friends and family that attended the funeral also took note of Kechara’s puja team and were interested in Kechara’s spiritual care.

Over the next few days of the memorial service, Pastor Yek Yee checked on the family’s well-being and accompanied them to collect the ashes from the crematorium. The funeral procession came to an end when Pastor Yek Yee and the family recited mantras and prayers before resting the urn in the columbarium. Joseph’s mother recounted how she was so touched by the kindness that the family received from Kechara. She was very appreciative.

As Pastor Yek Yee left the columbarium after the procession, a light shower of rain fell. It was an auspicious sign that all was well. Pastor Yek Yee was assured that the family had peace of mind.

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