Pastor Adeline spoke at the “Run for Life” event

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When we are interested in something, we will pursue it with no excuses.

~H.E. Tsem Rinpoche

Eric Choo organized a Jogathon event at Nirvana Memorial in Semenyih on the 19th October, 2014. There were about 400 participants. The theme of the event was “Run For Life”. Eric invited the Kechara Pastor to give a 30 mins talk that fits the theme. Pastor Adeline Woon was the speaker representing Kechara and spoke on the importance of mental wellness that is the main cause for a good health.

Eric is very active in promoting and preserving the Chinese culture. He sees youths today being overly pampered and could be wasting their time away doing mundane activities.

Sock Wan, Pastor Adeline and Eric Choo – President of Persatuan Belia Xiang Qing of Wilayah Persekutuan

The topic of the day aroused the interest of many participants. Therefore attendance responded spontaneously towards the speech given by Pastor Adeline. They were keen to find out how the mind is of crucial consideration in the overall assessment of our wellbeing. Pastor Adeline orated the importance of our mind in the effect of health to hundreds of young audiences.

Young audiences paid attention during the talk.

As part of the talk, Pastor Adeline demonstrated the nine-points breathing technique to a crowd of young participants. The breathing technique can calm one’s mind and help one to be focused and mindful. Everyone  took part in the guided meditation. Pastor Adeline continued by guiding the participants into a short meditation, where she monitored them and correcting their sitting postures. Pastor Adeline also demonstrated the proper sitting posture to a crowd of enthusiastic participants.

Pastor Adeline corrected the sitting posture of the participants during the guided meditation exercise.

Pastor Adeline went round to inspect participants’ sitting posture as well.

The necessity of good health is not limited to just the body. A healthy mind is as vital as a healthy body in maintaining the overall wellness.  Therefore it is important to understand that having a balance and calm mind is the key to a healthy life.

Group picture with Pastor Adeline after the talk

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