When North and South meet

1 December 2010 - 2:41pm 3 Comments

The Penang group might have only recently begun, but they are growing rapidly thanks to the commitment of their members and the support provided by members from Kechara in Kuala Lumpur.

Recently, a group from Kechara Paradise (KP) and Kechara Soup Kitchen (KSK) visited Penang for a sharing session in the group’s Setrap chapel, and a briefing on KSK’s operations. There were 13 participants and after the KSK briefing by their President Dato’ Ruby Khong, there was a quiz session. The day ended with Benji’s lovely offering of a fruit cake and some snacks to be offered to Setrap, before the group set off to do their food distribution rounds in Penang.

Kechara is spreading all over Malaysia… now how are YOU going to get involved?

Benji with his offerings

A delicious fruit cake for Setrap, yum!

Participants listening intently to the briefing for the quiz aftewards

A group photo with Henry Ooi (back row, far left) and Dato' Ruby (front row, third from left)

3 Responses to When North and South meet

  1. Brother Henry’s and Sister (Dato’) Ruby’s sharing and the other Dharma brothers’ and sisters’ effort that night were very much appreciated. They were not merely talking to us – they were living INSPIRATIONS of dedication; they spoke not of things they read or heard of; it was not eloquent speeches and nice talk, but of true EXPERIENCE! Sacrifice, sincerity aplenty! We learnt from these wonderful people that what they went through was not easy, but they did it! That night, perhaps we might not have been the picture of a perfect audience, but we were touched, for sure; something stirred in our hearts…. “kamsia che-che”!

  2. [...] This fruit cake is from Benji Cheong, on behalf of the Penang study group. [...]

  3. Way to Go Patsy. May the Penang group grow as big as the group in KL.