Promoting the Practice of Filial Piety During the 7th Month

15 September 2012 - 12:50am Comments Off

Recently, Red Tomato, a free distribution Chinese weekly, interviewed Pastor Chia Song Peng from Kechara House Buddhist Association Malaysia on the myths and facts of the 7th lunar month as well spirits.

Pastor Chia stressed that, the 7th lunar month is a holy month to make offerings to sangha, at the same time is a time to practice filial piety. Pastor Chia told Red Tomato that:

Whether is the puja to elevate ancestors and deceased from their suffering to a better realm or any other kind of puja, the real purpose behind these pujas is not well understood. Superstitions aside, the real meaning behind these pujas is to promote the practice of filial piety and gratitude, and the most important practice is to do charity or good deeds from the heart.

Generally, the public will prepare an abundance of food to be offered to the deceased, Pastor Chia said, this with the hope the deceased will live well in the other world. However, he said:

The Buddhist way of offering is to offer incense, butterlamps, pearls and flowers to the Three Jewels to accumulate merits and these merits will be dedicated to the deceased or their ancestors to help them obtain a better rebirth.

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