When We Understand, There is Nothing to Fear

14 September 2012 - 9:58pm Comments Off

According to Chinese folklore, there is an event called the Ghost Festival that happens every year during the 7th lunar month. During this time, prayers and offerings dedicated to the departed and otherworldly will be performed alongside street performances other various activities associated with the paranormal folk.

However Pastor Chia Song Peng from Kechara House Buddhist Association Malaysia explained to a Malaysian Chinese daily, China Press that according to Buddhist beliefs, the seventh month is regarded as a holy month known as the ‘Ullambana festival’. He reiterated that if there is more understanding about the nature of the festival, there will be less paranoia associated with it. The seventh month should not be a time of morbid gloom, but it is the time to remember our departed kin.

Pastor Chia also advised to not be afraid if we do encounter a spirit, as we should have compassion for them to lead them to a better path by the dedication of merits. This is the better approach to handle encounters them. He also elaborated it from a Buddhist point of view that spirits are also sentient beings; and that one becomes a ghost because one is stubborn and unwilling to let go.

China Press gave a one and half pages of report on Ulambana Festival and few photos on activities, including animal liberation, children Dharma class, food distribution by Kechara Soup Kitchen and Grand Festival of Dzambala and Setrap organised by Kechara.

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