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After about six weeks of great effort and hard work by many dedicated Kechara House members, we have achieved 100,000 migtsema recitations, which will be offered up to Rinpoche during his birthday, in dedication of his long life and the success of all his Dharma works.

This last Monday’s Setrap puja was the last session of migtsema recitation, where a group of about 25 members and friends collected the last 14,600 migtsema, bringing the total to 111, 469! Everyone pooled their efforts together and stayed for an extra long session to recite six malas each Finishing this migtsema count is also especially auspicious in view of the imminent pilgrimage to Nepal. A big thank you to our umzes and all the hard working puja-goers who have contributed many hours towards the count.

Migtsema is the holy mantra of the yidam or main deity of Kechara House, the Buddhist scholar and saint, Lama Tsongkhapa. Migtsema is chanted at every puja and the chanting of 100,000 migtsemas is one of the four preliminary practices, which each person should aspire to achieve. Its benefits are countless as it encapsulates the energies of the three bodhisattvas – Avalokiteshvara, Manjushri and Vajrapani.

In completing this group recitation of 100,000 migtsemas and dedicating it to the long life of our Guru, it represents our commitment to our Dharma practice and our Lama, who is the one we have committed to lead us to Enlightenment.

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