Legend of the Conch Shell: The Premier!

19 December 2009 - 4:25am 1 Comment
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Tsongkhapa meets one of his teachers, Rendawa and later on, receives the yellow pandit's hat from him

Tsongkhapa as we know him!

Legend of the Conch Shell has been an incredible experience for everyone involved. From the first rehearsals to the first photoshoot, from its successful opening night to its amazing finale, the cast and crew have spent many hours together, forming strong bonds which led to a successful play that received a standing ovation on its final night.

To everyone who has supported Kechara House, by producing and promoting the play, or by coming to watch with your friends and family, we’d like to extend a big thank you! And to all our Kechara House dancers, thank you for taking the leap and putting yourselves out on the stage to perform for Tsongkhapa…we’re really very proud of you!

The cast and crew

Uncle Lai, beaming with a bouquet from his son Apprentice Liaison David Lai

Liaison Paul Yap (in purple) with his proud mother, brother and sister-in-law

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