Legend of the Conch Shell: The Premier!

19 December 2009 - 4:25am 1 Comment
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To cap off what had been a wonderful evening, Rinpoche strode onto the stage to present the play’s key participants with Lama Tsongkhapa statues, and then gave a short speech on the importance of inter-religious harmony. Heads nodded in the audience as saying no religion was superior to another because all strove for the same thing – for their practitioners to become better people. Therefore all religions were correct and beneficial, and had a right to coexist peacefully.

Liaison Chuah Su Ming passes a door gift to one of the play's sponsors, Tan Bee Lian

International supermodel Ling Tan and her sister Ein Tan (also a model) happily receive a door gift each from Bill Keith

Left: Registering our friends in the media Right: Liaison Sharon Saw (left) examines a door gift bag with Ann Woo (pink scarf), CEO of the Nanyang Press Foundation

Thanking everyone for their hard work, Rinpoche said he also wished to thank the media, who used their skill of writing to spread understanding and knowledge. To this end, his students had prepared special door gifts as a thank you for the media’s efforts to promote Legend of the Conch Shell and thus, Tsongkhapa himself. The audience then joined Rinpoche in the recitation of Kechara House’s dedication prayers, which was rounded off with a spontaneous clap of thunder right at the end of the recitation!

Legend of the Conch Shell was no mean feat, requiring the team to successfully blend a nearly 600-year old lifestory with modern dance elements and technology…and the smiling faces leaving the auditorium bore testament to the success of Kechara House’s first stage production.

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