Legend of the Conch Shell: The Premier!

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…and then suddenly, out of the darkness, Tsongkhapa appeared, all-knowing and all-perceiving, unperturbed by the chaos caused by the maras. Dispelling the demons with his holiness and practice, Tsongkhapa calmly returned to his meditation whilst the maras slinked off, exhausted in defeat.

Also particularly moving was the retreat scene, where attention was given to Lama Tsongkhapa’s mandala and full prostration retreats. Thunderous music drove home the importance and urgency of his retreats in keeping the purity of the Buddhadharma alive. During this time, Manjushri also appeared before Tsongkhapa. Making use of audio-visual technology, Legend of the Conch Shell‘s producers showed Manjushri with blazing wisdom sword, dancing in the clouds as he imparted teachings on the importance of the vinaya and keeping vows, requesting Tsongkhapa to teach the Dharma and finish writing The Stages of the Path to Enlightenment.

Not just a dance performance however, Legend of the Conch Shell was also educational for those who know little about Lama Tsongkhapa’s life, and the Gelug tradition. For example, attention was given to the Gelug tradition of debating, with a particularly humorous scene featuring Liaison Paul Yap debating with the narrator Lip Kiong about food and happiness.

The audience also learnt about the power of Manjushri’s seed syllable, dhi, which can evoke wisdom, and about Tsongkhapa’s 3.5 million full prostration retreat, which left imprints of his feet, hands and forehead on the rock he used…and surely some must have walked away humming Migtsema, the holy words being the theme to pretty much the entire play!

Lee Swee Keong’s dancing was a joy to behold, with every athletic movement carefully considered, well-placed and well-timed, incorporating mudras. In fact, everyone did Legend of the Conch Shell proud – from the beautiful costumes, to the production team who made full use of lighting and music to create atmosphere.

Legend of the Conch Shell ended with a narration about Lama Tsongkhapa finally entering clear light after 62 amazing years on this planet. There was also a video highlighting his impact around the world, finally settling in on Kechara House and Tsem Kacho Ling, where we practise his holy teachings every day and work to spread his glorious tradition.

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