KMP and Tsem Ladrang enter the Debate Semi-Finals!!!

2 May 2009 - 2:33am Comments Off

The KSK / CFC Team - Julia Tan, Margaret Lee and Justin Cheah

The KMP Team - Liaison Susan Lim, Liaison Paul Yap and David Lai

Kechara House hosted the next two sessions of the Annual Manjugosha Debate Tournament last Sunday which saw Kechara Media and Publications (KMP) win the debate against the Ipoh Cell Group. The topic was “Working & Serving Dharma Centres” and the debate centered on whether it is acceptable to work in Dharma and get paid for it.

The Ipoh Cell Group Team - Dr. Chong, Kim Ng and Joey Wong

In the next session, Tsem Ladrang debated against Kechara Soup Kitchen/Central Fund Raising Committee on the topic “What Submission Really Means”.  Ladrang took the victory with the opposing teams focusing on whether submission really does leads to spiritual growth.

The Tsem Ladrang Team - Liaison Joy Kam, Shin Tan and JJ Chong

Following these results, KMP will be meeting Tsem Ladrang in the semi-finals two Sundays from now.  Next Sunday (19th April), the previous winners, KH Lamrimpas & KH Puja group, will be up against each other.  Expect to witness a fierce tussle between the two competing teams.  Be there to watch it!!!

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