KH Annual Manjugosha Debate Tournament 2009 – Week 1

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4th April 2009 marked the opening day of Kechara House’s Annual Manjugosha Debate Tournament 2009. This year’s debate is based on topics from the book Gurus for Hire, Enlightenment for Sale. The revised edition of the book will soon be launched at the London Book Fair on 21st April 2009.

The facilitators, Associate Liaison Jamie Khoo and Liaison Mr Ngeow

In the 1st round of the debate, Kechara Saraswati Arts / Kechara Discovery (KSA/KD) debated against the KH Puja Group on the topic Guru Devotion – What Submission Really Means. Both teams were very vocal in presenting their points. The main argument during the debate was whether one should follow a Guru’s instructions all the way or should one be selective using one’s own logic. The very heated debate ended up with KH Puja team’s victory over the KSA/KD team.

Kechara Saraswati Arts / Kechara Discovery Team - Liaison Wan Wong, Apprentice Liaison James Long and KH Committee member Elaine Cheah

KH Puja Team - Tan Gim Lee, KH Ng and Mr Loo

In the 2nd round, the Outlets team pitted fiercely against the KH Lamrimpas on the topic Working / Serving Dharma Centres. It was quite an interesting session as, coincidentally, the Outlets team only comprised full-time Dharma staff while the Lamrimpas were not. The debate centered around whether working full-time for Dharma is more conducive for personal spiritual growth and centre growth. The debate finally ended with the KH Lamrimpas taking victory.

KH Lamrimpas - Kennie Wong, Thierry and Wan Wai Meng

Following today’s results, KH Lamrimpas will be meeting KH Puja Group in the semi-finals two weeks from today. And next week, Tsem Ladrang are up against KSK while KMP battle it out against the Ipoh Cell Group. So do turn up next Sunday, 12th April 2009, 2pm at KH1 to witness another afternoon of fun filled and exciting debate. Don’t miss it!!!

Outlets Team - Joann Tan, Suzan Ng and Apprentice Liaison May Woo


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