Kechara Bereavement Care Services

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Losing a loved one is never easy. Of all the sorrows in the world, there is none deeper than that of death. Allow us at Kechara to provide you solace and peace of mind as we assist you in the funeral arrangements and guide your dearly departed to a good rebirth.

In Buddhism, we believe that death is a journey that leads to rebirth, and that consciousness lingers until a new life is found. The process of finding rebirth can happen almost immediately or take up to 49 days. During this transitional period (bardo), Buddhist rituals, memorial offerings, and dedicating goodwill can create the merits to assist your loved ones to transcend towards a good rebirth.

Our Bereavement Puja, consisting of prayers from an authentic lineage carefully preserved by qualified lineage masters, were compiled by H.E. the 25th Tsem Rinpoche. Our highly trained Puja Team is tasked to dedicate these powerful prayers to the dearly departed for a swift and good rebirth.

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At Kechara, we provide you with options in accordance to your need. For the funeral, you may opt to choose Buddhist prayers only or, to ease your preparations, you may opt for our complete bereavement care services. We also provide Pastor Services to perform the last rites and final prayer ceremonies, upon request.

Our dedicated Bereavement Care Team consists of experienced members who will guide you through the various stages of funeral preparations consisting of decedent care, encoffin service, funeral ceremony, final prayer service, and after-care service. We aim to offer you and your family comfort during this emotional journey, as well as provide your dearly departed a dignified farewell during this crucial transition period.

Tibetan Buddhist Bereavement Services
for Your Dearly Departed

Our complete Tibetan Buddhist bereavement packages are designed to guide family members and their dearly departed through this difficult time. Our bereavement services consist of embalming & encoffin, memorial ceremony preparation, funeral procession, and after-care.

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Tibetan Buddhist Prayers
for Your Dearly Departed

Our Buddhist prayer services are designed to help your dearly departed through their after-life journey. Our experienced puja team dedicates powerful prayers to the dearly departed for a swift and good rebirth. Our prayer services consist of preparation, rituals, final prayers, and after-care.

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Powerful prayers to the Medicine Buddha for the dearly departed to have a swift and good rebirth

Our experienced puja team members are trained by ritual masters from the monasteries

Ornate traditional offerings

Elegant arrangement and decoration

Elegant arrangement and decoration

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