Joyful T-Shirt Crafting in Ipoh

31 December 2012 - 3:21pm Comments Off

Our last community service project of 2012 was in partnership with Joyful Home, Ipoh on 29th Dec 2012. Local designer, Eric Choong, who recently received 2 international fashion awards in China, joined us to conduct a t-shirt crafting session with the kids at Joyful Home.

One of our active volunteers, Lay Bee with our Ipoh members Yee Mun, Janice and Kin Hoe also participated in this meaningful activity, assisting Eric to make this project a success.

The afternoon kicked off with Eric’s demonstration with scissors, needle and thread, on how to make a bag from an old t-shirt and how to transform an old t-shirt into a signature bag of your own design. Each hand-made bag is unique. Everyone, especially the kids, were amazed with the t-shirt transformation!

The kids were then seated to start planning their t-shirt design. After just few minutes, they started to draw, pin and cut their old t-shirt using their own creativity. Some of the younger girls did not know how to sew thus Eric also taught them how.

The kids were guided to cut the bottom of the t-shirt into strips and then tie the strips into knots to seal off the bottom of the bag. Mercy, a young girl, was the first to finish her cute little pink bag, without any sewing at all.

The younger boys, Paul and Silas, made their own Tarzan t-shirts, while John and little Peter made sling bags from their old t-shirts. Our volunteer, Lay Bee, also guided the girls to draw and add color onto their new bags. Overall, all the kids were very satisfied and smiling young faces were seen all around Joyful Home. What a success!

At the end of the session, Irene, the caretaker of the Joyful Home invited the Kecharians and volunteers to have lunch with the kids. The kids were in a joyous mood. This was their last weekend of holidays and they truly had a chance to enjoy themselves before school reopens. We hope that the kids will study hard and do well in their next academic year.

If you are interested to join us to bring more love and fun time to kids at the home, please contact So Kin Hoe (+6016 532 8309) or Wan Wai Meng (+6012 215 0968)

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