His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche’s Birthday Celebration 2013

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The Spiritual Advisor of Kechara House Buddhist Association Malaysia, His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche’s 48th birthday will be celebrated in Kechara on the 24th October 2013.

This year’s event will be held in the Kechara Forest Retreat with a full day of activities starting from 10am – 8pm.

His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche – A Short Biography

His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, a high reincarnated Lama from Gaden Shartse Monastery in India, is the Founder and Spiritual Advisor of the Kechara organisation.

Enthroned as the reincarnation of the 72nd Abbot of Gaden Shartse, Gedun Nyedrak, His Eminence’s spiritual lineage began as one of the eight main disciples of Lama Tsongkhapa, the founding saint of the Gelugpa school of Tibetan Buddhism.

Rinpoche has studied under many esteemed gurus, including His Holiness Kyabje Zong Rinpoche, His Holiness Kyabje Ling Rinpoche and His Eminence Lati Rinpoche. Through his Mongolian-Tibetan heritage, a childhood in Taiwan & America, and intensive study at Gaden Monastery, His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche is a most rare and precious teacher with a unique teaching ability to bridge the East and West.

Based on logic and shared human values, Rinpoche’s message is universal, free from the limitations of dogma, culture and individual background. With his prowess in public speaking, immense knowledge and wisdom, Rinpoche makes ancient Buddhist knowledge accessible and relevant to the inhabitants of the 21st century.

Also renowned for his charitable works such as building schools, hospitals; providing assistance and food to the poor and underprivileged, His Eminence’s organisation, Kechara, continues to bring benefit to the world through its many divisions and activities.


  • Buddha Statue (represents Buddha’s Body) – represents the body of an enlightened one who has the accomplishment of wisdom and compassion. Through making offerings of Buddha statues to our guru we create the causes for attaining the body of a Buddha that comes about from attaining enlightenment ourselves.
  • LamRim Text (represents Buddha’s Speech) – represents the speech of an enlightened one. Through making offerings of Dharma texts to our guru we create the causes for attaining the speech of a Buddha.
  • Stupa (represents Buddha’s Mind) – represents the mind of an enlightened one. Through making offerings of stupas to our guru we create the causes for attaining the mind of a Buddha.
  • Monks Staff – traditionally used as a walking and protection staff that makes a loud noise, scaring away small animals, ensuring that they are not stepped on. It also represents the holders teaching authority. It has a sharp end representing wisdom and in the middle there are 6 rings representing the Six Perfections.
  • Monk’s Robes – a three layered set of robes. It is a symbol and reminder that ordained sangha have committed themselves to high spiritual ideals – to master the Dharma, liberate oneself from suffering and to show others the path.

Every year Kechara House offers a representation of the Buddha’s body, speech and mind offerings to H.E. Tsem Rinpoche on his birthday. We are currently accepting donations to go towards these offerings. For more information or to donate towards the offerings that are to be made to Rinpoche, please contact Kechara House Front Desk on +603 7803 3908.

Alternatively, light a flame of hope and wisdom in celebration of Rinpoche’s 48th birthday with our online partner, Vajrasecrets.com.

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