Harnessing the Year of the Water Dragon 2012

2 December 2011 - 3:21pm 2 Comments

Once again, Kechara House Buddhist Association of Malaysia (KH) brings you the opportunity to attend the 2012 GRAND FESTIVAL OF WEALTH & PROTECTION PUJA.

Begin the new year with positive energy and create the cause for a year filled with abundance!

Invoke the blessings from a HIGHER POWER to CLEAR ALL OBSTACLES and ACCUMULATE GREAT MERITS for a smooth sailing year.

Brace yourself for new challenges in the year ahead with a clear mind and unwavering confidence.

Dharmapala Lord Setrap The wrathful manifestation of Amitabha Buddha

Lord Setrap is the enlightened Dharma Protector of the illustrious 600 year-old Gaden Shartse Monastery founded in Tibet by Lama Tsongkhapa. His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, a high incarnate Lama of Gaden Shartse and Spiritual Advisor of Kechara House (KH), introduced the practice of Lord Setrap to Malaysians to help clear obstacles and bring success, harmony and peace to all who invoke his blessings.

Lord Dzambala: The Buddha of Inner and Outer Wealth

Lord Dzambala is famous for helping to increase the external wealth of practitioners and help them to succeed in their worldly activities. Being a Buddha, Lord Dzambala also has the wisdom and power to increase the development of Dharma within a practitioner’s mind.

As Lord Setrap and Lord Dzambala are Buddhas, they help all living beings including non-Buddhists, just as the sun benefits even those born blind, giving them warmth and ripening the crops that become their food. But to those who can see, how much more obvious the benefits would be!

Our Spiritual Guide

Previously the beings of this world had the karma to see Buddha Shakyamuni’s Supreme Emanation Body and to receive teachings directly from him.

These days however, we do not have such karma, so Buddha appears to us in the form of our Spiritual Guide. Known as our Guru or Lama, he helps us by giving teachings and leading us on our spiritual paths.

Kechara House and Malaysians are blessed to have His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche as our Spiritual Guide, epitomising the quintessential Guru. His pure lineage ensures we directly benefit from the blessing transmissions of all the Buddhas.


RM5 Candle Offering

Offer as many candles as you can to Setrap and Dzambala. Light dispels ignorance, and builds the wisdom and clarity you need to manoeuvre through life’s challenges with better discernment and judgement.

RM188 Personal Puja

Request for a Personal Puja to invoke on Setrap and Dzambala’s compassion and power, and clear the inner and outer obstacles that prevent you from reaching your full potential.

Complimentary Package:

  • 1 Buddha Deity picture
  • 1 glass candle
  • 1 small pot of flowers
  • 3 Mandarin oranges
  • 8 pieces Pearls

RM888 Corporate Puja

Specially designed to meet the needs of corporations, this puja helps to clear obstacles, and pave the way for a smooth year ahead conducive for growth and expansion.

Complimentary Package:

  • 9 Buddha Deity pictures
  • 1 glass candle
  • 1 large pot of flowers
  • 6 Mandarin oranges
  • 18 pieces Pearls
  • 1 Buddha Dzambala tsa tsa

RM200,000 Main Sponsor

This gives all-encompassing protection and alleviation of difficulties and obstacles for yourself, your family and your business or work. Collect ample merits to welcome in wealth, wisdom, good health, long life and good karma. Bless your 2012 to be hindrance-free.

Complimentary Package:

  • Company Name and Logo in KH advertisements
  • 1 large Dzambala Wealth Vase
  • 1 piece Buddha blessed Pendant
  • 1 large Lotus candle

RM100,000 Co Sponsor

Complimentary Package:

  • Company Name and Logo in KH advertisements
  • 1 large Dzambala Wealth Vase
  • 1 piece Buddha blessed pendant
  • 1 large Lotus candle

RM30,000 Platinum Sponsor

Complimentary Package:

  • 1 large Dzambala Wealth Vase
  • 1 piece Buddha blessed pendant
  • 1 large Lotus candle

RM20,000 Gold Sponsor

Complimentary Package:

  • 1 medium Dzambala Wealth Vase
  • 1 piece Buddha blessed pendant
  • 1 medium Lotus candle

RM10,000 Silver Sponsor

Complimentary Package:

  • 1 small Dzambala Wealth Vase
  • 1 piece Buddha blessed pendant
  • 1 small Lotus candle


Sponsors of candle and personal puja coupons stand the chance to win fabulous prizes…the higher the amount sponsored, the higher the chance to win! To claim the prizes, sponsors or their representatives* must be present with their receipts during the grand Exclusive Gifts Event, held from 6th to 8th January 2012 at the Grand Festival of Prosperity & Protection venue.



Click to download programme booklet.


  • FREE precious Buddha pendants blessed by H.E. Tsem Rinpoche for the first 1,000 registered participants
  • Join in the Setrap Puja and the 1000-year old Serkym Offering practice to Setrap, to clear obstacles and request for protection
  • Join in the Dzambala Puja to create the causes for inner and outer wealth
  • Bathing and pearl offerings to Dzambala for wealth
  • Delicious vegetarian food and desserts on sale by Kechara Oasis, New Age Vegetarian Restaurant available
  • Kechara Gallery with beautiful exhibits and biography of H.E. Tsem Rinpoche and the Kechara organization
  • Stalls with many exciting items for sale ranging from groceries, food, drinks, plants, dharma books, DVDs, Buddha statues, ritual items, jewellery, thangka art…and that’s just the beginning!
  • Recycling activity and help the homeless
  • Lots of activities for the kids while parents attend the pujas or browse around

Sponsorship coupons are ready for purchase – please contact KH Hotline at +6017 399 1908 for further information.

Kechara House is a non-profit organisation – all proceeds are channeled back to support the temple and charitable causes.

Tap into an Ocean of Blessings, Directly from the Buddhas!

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