Grand Setrap Puja Spirit arrives in Ipoh

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Attendees of the Ipoh Study Group Session

17th of January was the date for another Eric Choong Dharma-sharing session. This time around he led the group through the Setrap prayers and touched on the Grand Setrap Puja which will be happening on the 30th and 31st of January in the Chinese Assembly Hall in Kuala Lumpur. It has always been Rinpoche’s style to let his students know that for each successful well-organised event, countless people have been involved getting, preparing and arranging for all the things required for the event.

Eric’s Mum putting the final touches to the preparations

Bubbly Bernice and Louise joined us for this Ipoh Chinese Study Group session. The Grand Setrap Spirit was what they brought to Ipoh, showing off the latest cool-looking Setrap Chinese Boxes and sharing information about the Grand Setrap Puja. That wasn’t the only thing they brought with them though, they also had beautiful pendants to be given away to the session’s attendees! Thank you Kechara Discovery and Liaison Paul Yap for your spirit of generosity.

Our session started at 2.30pm, with Eric leading the Chinese Prayers. Next up was a Setrap video produced by Kechara InMotion (Thank you Ms Han!) with commentary from Eric about the qualities of Setrap. He explained about Setrap, the origins, the iconography and how H.E. Tsem Rinpoche introduced Setrap to Malaysians. Rinpoche had always wanted to give Malaysians a method to overcome their worldly problems so that their spiritual growth would be smooth. Eric’s presentation also touched on Kechara House’s 12 departments and their function. In the future, Eric also plans to coordinate a tour of all Kechara Departments for the Ipoh Study Group members!

Eric in action !

Eric, along with Bernice and Louise then spoke at length about the Grand Setrap Puja – what grabbed the crowd’s attention was the special gifts that attendees stand to bring home!

Bubbly and light presentation by Bernice and Louise

Then came the highlight for the day – presents for everyone! Participants had to answer questions correctly to win the first four special gifts – the audience was an enthusiastic and alert bunch when it came to this part of the session.

Eric presenting gorgeous pendants to Mrs Choong and to Ping, Eric's Mum’s friend!

Wai Meng's sister and Madam Lu receiving gifts from Eric.

Bernice and Louise passing out gifts

Being Children …

After the gift presentation (and everyone received something to take home!), we ended the session with a happy dedication. People stayed on to mingle as volunteers put things away neatly, and the Kechara folks from KL left for dinner and some Ipoh cookie-shopping before leaving for KL, pretty blissed out .

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