David and Li Kim: Vowing to Spread Tsongkhapa

24 December 2009 - 12:16am Comments Off

After being voted in to the Liaisons’ Council and receiving their official letters of appointment, Phng Li Kim and David Lai needed to swear in to Setrap. In his holy presence, they would dedicate their life, work and efforts towards the Dharma, and to bringing Lama Tsongkhapa’s teachings and vision to this region.

Gathering in the Setrap Chapel at Kechara House 2 together with the other Liaisons, David and Li Kim thus pledged their allegiance to Kechara and Dharma. This auspicious event was captured on camera so join us in celebrating yet another two people who have cemented their commitment to Dharma!

Setrap Chapel in Kechara House 2, where the Liaisons gather to swear in new members of their Council

Phng Li Kim and David Lai during the ceremony

Reciting prayers to Setrap

Making serkym offerings to propitiate Dharmapala Setrap, to bless them to fulfil their Liaisonship duties well

It may be the early hours of the morning, but Li Kim and David are always ready to do Dharma!

The happy group!

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