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Tara pujas were conducted in the Setrap chapel of Kechara House 2

We made it! Kechara House (KH) members and friends completed the entire set of pujas and Lamrim recitations, right on time.

And, the handover of the keys and commencement of renovations to the new gompa (prayer hall) began on the next day.

Liaison Yap Yoke Fui of Kechara House hands over the keys

His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche had earlier recommended KH members to complete a set of purification practices so that the new gompa renovation work begins and ends unimpeded by obstacles. Problems arise in our lives due to the ripening of negative karma created previously, and the effect of the ripening of collective karma can be quite severe. Rather than being resigned to fate, we have the power to circumvent the negative effects by purifying it before it arises.

We are thus privileged to have available to us all these precious resources that are bestowed upon us directly from the lineage master himself.

The Completed Set of Pujas for Kechara House
100x recitations of the Lamrim
10,000x Black Manjushri mantra recitation
5000x recitations of the 35 Confessional Buddhas sutra
10,000 black tea offerings and 10,000 kawang recitations to Setrap
10x Tara pujas
20,000x Dzambala puja

While the 48 members were getting together to perform the last of the series of pujas – a Dzambala Puja – a spectacular rainbow displayed itself magnificently above our centre, witnessed by many who happened to be around the area. We could not help but feel that it was a seal of approval of our efforts and the holy pujas being recited.

Just before the puja began, Datuk May Phng (President of Kechara House), thanked all members and friends who showed their dedication and care by coming out in force to play their part by participating diligently in these pujas and recitations to be a part of history in the making.

May the new KH gompa manifest swiftly and may its holy and beautiful interiors resonate with Dharma, benefiting many far and wide.

The Pujas in Action!

35 Confessional Buddhas

Dzambala puja

Making water offerings

Dzambala puja, completed!

The lamrim recitation saw large groups of members gathering to recite one of the most important texts of the Gelugpa lineage. Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand is a commentary on the unparalleled 11th Century text A Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment, written by Atisha

The rainbow over Kechara House!

The Setrap puja proved popular with many devotees. As the wrathful emanation of Amitabha, Setrap has a strong connection to this region...'Malaya' is even mentioned in his prayer!

The puja group at completion

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