Billions of Buddhas in one

15 November 2010 - 6:23pm 1 Comment

The 10-foot Lama Tsongkhapa statue in the new Kechara House gompa

Imagine three magnificent Buddha statues, each with their own unique purpose. All abiding in Kechara House’s new and beautiful prayer hall in hopes of bringing peace to many people.

Here, when one recites a little prayer, they are actually invoking billions of Buddhas and their mantras.

The mantra of Lama Tsongkhapa, the Buddha who revived peace in Tibet, brings you clarity of mind, deeper understanding and lasting happiness. Vajrayogini brings you a fast track to Enlightenment. Setrap clears your daily obstacles and grants protection.

With VajraSecrets and Kechara House, you can now offer your own prayers in any of these Buddha statues. Give and receive incredible blessings that go a long way towards fulfilling your inner wishes.

A rare opportunity that does not come by often…visit to say a little prayer.

Learn about the benefits of offering Buddha images in Buddha statues. The article below was originally written by David Lai (author at Kechara Media & Publications) to be posted on his blog

Enshrined within the new Kechara House gompa are three large statues of Lama Tsongkhapa, Vajrayogini and Setrap. Combined, there will be a staggering 493.4 billion Buddha images within these three statues. These images are actually stored on 27 hard disks to be placed inside the statues.

This is what the actual Buddha images (stored on the hard disks) look like…

Manjushri - 48.3 billion images

Lama Tsongkhapa - 30.8 billion images

Vajrayogini - 30.7 billion images

Dukkar - 41.9 billion images

Buddha Shakyamuni - 35 billion images

Amitabha Buddha - 37.8 billion images

Setrap - 46.1 billion images

Yamantaka - 175.5 billion images

Kyabje Zong Rinpoche's hand-written Vajrayogini mantra - 47.3 billion images

According to the Buddha, just looking at a line drawing of a Buddha (even when angry!) will plant the seed of Enlightenment in the mindstream of the beholder. Just imagine the merit accumulated if we were to make offerings, prostrations and prayers to this image instead. Now, multiply that benefit by 493.4 billion times for all the three statues in the new KH gompa and that is a whole lot of merits! Hence, each time we prostrate, make offerings and prayers to the three statues, the blessings will be multiplied billions of times over. All this merit is accumulated in relation towards an Enlightened body of a Buddha.

That means we create the direct cause towards attaining a Buddha body ourselves.

What does that mean?

By ‘attaining a Buddha body’, we purify lifetimes of negative karma created through our bodies – killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, etc. In purifying such karma, we attain longevity (a long life), a body free from disease, a body that is charismatic and beautiful to look at (especially in future lives), and we will attain success in worldly and especially spiritual endeavours.

We will also attain the 112 major and minor marks of a perfect Buddha body. That means we will have understood, realised and embodied the entire lamrim. The lamrim is the teachings of the Buddha presented in stages by Atisha and Lama Tsongkhapa. The body of each Buddha contains the roadmap of the entire lamrim.

Therefore, the tradition of filling Buddha statues with billions of images and mantras is meant to create as much merits as possible towards achieving a Buddha body, to benefit those who supplicate, prostrate, make offerings, prayers and recite mantras towards these holy statues.

To sponsor mantras to be inserted into Buddha statues at the new Kechara House gompa, please visit VajraSecrets for further information.

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  1. maybe even the lowest of all sentient students as a result has earned
    enough to walk, crawl, wriggle, fly, swim free?