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For more information about our recycling activities, please refer to the below:

Collection – Petaling Jaya

Our main recycling activity occurs monthly at the SunwayMas Commercial Centre, every 2nd Sunday of every month.

Location: Jalan PJU 1/3A part of the park facing the Aman Suria Entrance.

Time: 9:00am to 12:00pm

Contact: Wan Wai Meng  – 012 215 0968 , Kok Yek Yee – 012 673 1981,  Lew Kwan Leng – 012 3163 737

Collection – Ipoh

Our Ipoh recycling activity occurs on the 4th Sunday of every month.

Location:  Jalan Che Tak car park near to the Kechara Ipoh Study Group

Time: 9:00am to 12:00pm

Contact: Wan Wai Meng  – 012 215 0968 , Wan Yee Mun – 012 522 3200

Storage – Petaling Jaya

We have a store room at the car park opposite the Kechara Discovery premises.


Sorting of recyclable items is done mainly during the Monthly collection. By sorting out the items collected, we get better value for the items sold.

Recyclable Item Categories


  • Carton
  • Newspaper
  • Black and White Paper
  • Magazines


  • Aluminium Cans
  • Scrap Metal
  • Copper Wires



  • Wooden ones should be solid wood ( not chip board or plywood)
  • Sofas
  • Chairs ( Metal or Solid wooden ones )


  • Electrical Items
  • Electronic Items
  • Vehicle batteries
  • Clothes

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