Our Vision

28 March 2012 - 7:59pm Comments Off

If you love just yourself, everyone else is left out. If you love everyone, you’re included.

Tsem Rinpoche ( 108 Ways to Grab My Apples)

The quote above summarises the intent behind the Kechara Earth Project, inspired by our spiritual guide’s teachings on putting thoughts into action.

Kechara Earth Project aspires to embody Rinpoche’s consistency in manifesting action to care. To care about not just ourselves but in time widen the scope of care to encompass others, our sphere of influence, leading up to our environment.

Through Rinpoche’s teachings, we understand that whatever we experience, we have created it ourselves. Following that line of thought, the environment we live in is a direct result of our own actions. Hence we can make a difference to our environment. How?

By taking ownership and believing that we can make a difference. Our mission involves working towards the goals of:

  1. Safeguarding environment, people and animals
  2. Introducing spirituality through caring for the environment
  3. Taking responsibility for our environment.

Saving the environment for future generations

Create a greener Earth

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